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JSC Russian Railways is one of the world’s largest rail corporations. It handles colossal volumes of passenger and freight traffic; it’s been awarded the highest financial rating plaudits; its staff are the most exceptionally-qualified experts in all spheres of rail transport; it can call upon an impressive range of scientific and technical resources; and alongside its extensive ongoing building and development plans, it has great experience in international cooperation.

The company’s mission lies in meeting market demands for transportation, increasing the efficiency of its operations, maintaining high-quality services and deep-level integration in Eurasian transport systems.

The company’s core objectives lie in catering to the State’s, businesses’ and individuals’ transportation needs; providing works and services conducted by rail; and ensuring that its operations are profitable. 

The company’s strategic goals are - 

  • expanding the scale of the transport business;
  • improving the company’s performance and financial efficiency;
  • raising service and security standards;
  • deep-level integration in Eurasian transport systems;
  • increasing the company’s financial results and economic performance.



JSC Federal Freight (a subsidiary of JSC Russian Railways) is one of the largest rail freight operators in Russia and ranks first in terms of managed fleet and cargo turnover in the INFOLine RAIL RUSSIA TOP operators rating.

The primary activity of the Company is the provision of rolling stock for transportation of goods, as well as the provision of transport and forwarding services. The wagon fleet operated by JSC Federal Freight has 152 thousand units of rolling stock (as of May 2017).

There are 7 branches and 9 transport service agencies of JSC Federal Freight in the Russian rail market, as well as representative offices in Moscow and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The principles of work of JSC Federal Freight are a long-term partnership with customers, focus on continuous development and growth, high standards of quality of services provided, and individual approach to customers.

The mission of JSC Federal Freight is guaranteed and high-quality provision of consignors with rolling stock in the area of the 1520 gauge. The customers of the Company are the leaders of the Russian economy.


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Transportation and logistics group Transoil – a leading Russian private group of companies consisting of the same name transportation and four service companies maintaining the technical operation of locomotives and rolling stock. The group's strategy is aimed to growth of the park and cargoes’ range diversification, as well as the development of supporting infrastructure.

LLC Transoil, a leading transport company, has been rendering cargo-shipping services using privately-owned and leased rolling stock since 2003. Company operations encompass roughly 50,000 rail tank cars. Moreover, the Company owns 39 locomotives serviced by locomotive crews and repair divisions run by the Group’s operating company – Transoil-Service.


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CJSC Transmashholding is the biggest Russian company in the transport engineering industry, the world’s leader in railway engineering in actual volume of production. It manufactures metro cars, trams, DMU’s and EMU’s, passenger cars and freight wagons, locomotives, diesel engines for different purposes, car casting. TMH performs repair of electric multiple units, diesel multiple units, passenger cars and metro cars.